What is the Goddess One-Day Intensive?

The Goddess One-Day Intensive is a soul filled, luxurious, inspiring and motivating day dedicated just to you. During six glorious one-on-one hours in a beautiful blissful location I will help you to uncover, acknowledge, and begin to release what no longer supports your higher purpose and create changes in your mindset so you can begin to create a life that truly lights you up.

What will happen during the Goddess One-Day Intensive?

This Day is dedicated to you so the structure and flow is as unique as you are and I can’t imagine any two days would ever be the same. What we focus on during the day is based on information obtained from a questionnaire you complete, the discussions we have leading up to your Goddess Day and key points that come up during the day. As a general idea, I will guide you through a meditation, you will obtain clarity on your why, on your vision, and how you can achieve it. I will help identify the fears and limiting beliefs that come up for you and we will set really clear realistic actions for you to start working towards your dreams. You will feel nourished, empowered, inspired and aligned with the magic of your life.

Who is the Goddess One-Day Intensive for?

Have you ever been to a gathering of like-minded women and walked away so inspired, so nourished, with your heart full and your mind buzzing with ideas and possibilities for your life? One-Day Intensives are just like that only better because it’s one-on-one and the whole day is about you and your dreams. It is for those who:

  • have been trying to achieve their dreams but feel lonely, exhausted, lost and doubtful.
  • believe in magic, angels, and consider themselves spiritual.
  • are after connection and someone to enthusiastically support their dreams.
  • may be apart of larger business programs but really after some one-on-one focus and attention.
  • have dreams that need reviving in a dedicated one-on-one way in a gorgeous location that will inspire and motivate them.
  • are ready to step up and shine their light brighter.
  • want to spend a whole day exploring and creating the most wonderful life for themselves, more than just a couple of hours you usually have at a mastermind event and a day just purely dedicated to them.
  • may have been experiencing success in their business but would benefit and love a whole day to realign with their dream, reignite the fire and feel absolutely empowered to take things to the next level.

Where will the One-Day Intensives be?

In divine locations found in like Sydney, Byron Bay, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast.

What aspects of your life will we focus on?

The aspects of your life we focus on all depend on what is going on and most pressing for you. You can definitely expect a combination of the following: Fears and limiting beliefs • Mindset • Dreams and passions • Business ideas • Health and fitness • Lifestyle • Relationships

What change can I create with you?

When you start to listen to the whisper of your soul, make steps towards you dreams and develop an awareness as to what is holding you back, you open up a space for a more authentic expression of yourself and allow the magic of synchronicities to become obvious in your life, a sure sign that the Universe is co-creating with you. The more you listen to your soul’s whisper and take it’s lead, the more powerful and enlightened you become and the path ahead of you begins to reveal itself. I help you hear that voice. I get you out of the head that created all the problems and into your heart where all the answers are. If you show up and give 100%, just as I do, you will walk away empowered to give more voice to your desires, inspired to reach bigger in your life and you will feel more focused and committed to your dreams.

Your investment for a mind-blowing, soul lifting day $1799. (Payment options available)