I shine the brightest when I am igniting the fire of people’s dreams, discovery what lights them up and creating a vision of what their future will look like. It saddens me when the fire has died out because of the day-to-day struggles of making it a reality. I believe there are a lot of great people and great dreams suffering in the world and the world so desperately needs what they have to offer.

My mission is to inspire and motivate millions of people to live an extraordinary life.

I’ve been utilising many therapies and modalities to help heal my mind, body and soul since I became ill in my mid-20s as a result of crazy partying, gut issues and health problems and way too much emotional baggage. When I started my entrepreneurial journey things only got worse with months of no sleep, limiting beliefs, excessive exercise and not enough nourishment. I ended up beaten down, exhausted, feeling depressed and isolated and with Adrenal Fatigue. My journey of entrepreneurship turned out to be my tertiary education in personal development. Limiting beliefs, fears, an unhealthy lifestyle, and being too much in my head and not enough in my heart crippled my dreams, and I see it in so many entrepreneurs.IMG_6383

More formally I gained my Bachelor and Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology. I spent my career in both Child Protection and Adult Services Social Work, as well as Cancer and Dementia research. I received my Health Coaching Certificate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and I originally launched Heal Thy Love Thy a few years ago, an organic, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free health food company which is set to do great things this year along with my Mind Body Soul coaching.

I realised that everything I have been through didn’t just happen to me, but for me to help other people turn their breakdowns into breakthroughs. Over the years with all my education, training, life experience, mentoring and coaching, I have turned my life into something really magical. I am playing full out in my life and everyday moving towards my big crazy dreams. I know what it’s like to make big decisions that push you out of your comfort zone, how it feels to change in ways that cause old friends to part ways and to wish so much for a dream that sometimes no one else can see but you.

I believe that an abundance of love, happiness, success and wealth is available to each and everyone of us and I want everyone to live the life of their dreams. I want everyone to feel the joy and bliss that comes from not only having a successful business, but also from having loving relationships, an abundance of wealth, and optimal health. I want to inspire you to share your gift, shine your light, show you how to receive and cultivate abundance in your life and to create your own extraordinary life.

I love making big dreams a big reality.

Big love,